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TMAP-Worldwide, LLCTM conducts international operations for Threat Management And Protection, Inc.® (TMAP). We are a global security solutions provider capable of operating in any country, region, or internationally with a high level of competence, professionalism, and efficiency.

TMAP-WorldwideTM has the knowledge and resources that your company needs and we have a history of effective responses to all of the challenges your business faces today. Whether you need a complete security plan or expertise to supplement your existing capabilities our skilled, professional staff will provide you with the best solutions for all your needs.

Listed with Dunn & Bradstreet, TMAP-WorldwideTM provides quality security services that build long-term relationships. To find out why TMAP-WorldwideTM is the right choice and how we can be of service to you call us at 1 (800) 926-8110 or click here to send us a message.


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TMAP offers services, including security risk analysis, business intelligence and investigation, forensics, information security, screening domestic and foreign-born job candidates, security management and consultancy, crisis management, business continuity,services, pandemic services, travel security, incident response, personal protection, armed and unarmed uniform and plain-clothes security agents and training. Services offered by TMAP include executive protection, threat assessment, security risk analysis, information security, workplace violence, security management, security training, litigation support: intellectual property, global projects, employment matters-personnel investigations and crisis response security personnel. Our client was considering terminating an employee for performance issues. The employee was on notice and had been on sick leave for some time. The employer started to receive very graphic and threatening e-mails. TMAP provided plain-clothed armed security officers at the company location and deployed a surveillance team on the employee. The company obtained a TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) against the employee and asked TMAP to serve it. Additional services include fraud investigations, dispute resolution support, due diligence, product liability, toxic tort, business continuity services, and business intelligence. Some days later after mediation and negotiation the employee resigned and the matter was concluded without harm. The proactive stance of the client minimized the potential for harm and TMAP was able to mitigate any risk by deploying surveillance and protective agents without the knowledge of the target employee. TMAP provides security consulting, business investigation, computer forensics, crisis management, pandemic services, travel security, incident response, bodyguard, personal protection, armed security, unarmed security, uniformed guards, plain-clothes, security guard, and executive protection training. TMAP-Backgrounds provides pre-employment screening, screening of job candidates, and background investigations. Threat Management and Protection, Inc. offers a complete line of Security services – Litigation support: intellectual property, global projects, employment matters-personnel investigations/crisis response of security personnel, financial matters and fraud investigations, dispute resolution support, Due Diligence for M&A, product liability and toxic tort.