Asset Protection Services

Asset protection services

Personnel are your most valuable assets. TMAP offers comprehensive and immediate protection services for executives and employees alike when working in or visiting unsecured areas, as well as training for your own security in how to best deal with a myriad of situations.

Intellectual Property is the bedrock of many companies, particularly those in technology industries. TMAP offers training and consulting solutions to ensure that your company’s ideas and confidential materials remain so.

Hard Assets require time and investment to acquire. TMAP can protect those assets from theft or damage, and help you map out the most effective ways to safeguard against such problems.

The professionals at TMAP provide the highest quality security guards (armed and unarmed), access control systems, electronic surveillance (Alarm/access control systems, video cameras & audio equipment, thermal detection units, etc.), crime patterns analysis and executive protection to keep your assets safe.

Our experts conduct background investigations, physical security audits, security program evaluations, provide security training programs and employ advanced security procedures to prevent theft and misappropriation, workplace violence, computer crimes and fraud in your company.

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